Learning is building for the future of your herd, your farm and your family. At GENEX, we’re committed to helping you build for that bright future by providing you the ultimate opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills from industry experts.

Offered annually, GENEX HardWiredProSM Live & Interactive Learning is a 6-week, 6-session series taught virtually by top instructors. Limited class sizes and 2-hour sessions means you will have direct access to the experts and the opportunity to ask questions specific to your operation.

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The next session starts in October 2021.

HardWiredProSM empowers
you today, for their tomorrow.

Top instructors from leading companies and universities.
Learn from world-renown professionals who are leading industry research and advancements.

Live instruction in an interactive format.
Be part of a close-knit classroom community that encourages interactivity

Cutting-edge topics with real-world application.
Learn the latest information that you can apply on your dairy right away

Flexible learning to fit your needs.
Receive 24/7 access to resources, included recordings of the live sessions and additional courses on dairylearning.com.

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Past Events

2020 HardWiredProSM Agenda

Below is an overview of the topics covered during the fall 2020 HardWiredPro Event. Watch for information on the 2021 sessions to be released soon!

October 19, 2020

Reproduction Management in an Era of High Pregnancy Rates

There’s a reproductive revolution going on! Dr. Paul Fricke of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will guide you through fertility (synchronization) programs and the latest research data on maximizing fertility in lactating dairy cows. Plus, he’ll share a cost analysis of these programs, giving you further insight into the economics of repro management. Then, it’s on to the implications of high pregnancy rates, where Dr. Fricke will explain how herds are achieving high pregnancy rates and share new strategies to balance heifer inventory with turnover needs. Bonus, he’ll present new data on optimizing the timing of A.I. when using sexed semen in primiparous Holstein cows.

October 26, 2020

Mitigate Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders during the Transition Period

Dr. Heather White of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will help you gain a better understanding of the underlying metabolic challenges your cows face during the transition to lactation period, how these challenges can lead to metabolic disorders, as well as the cost and impact of these disorders on your operation. Then, based on the risk factors affecting cows in your herd, she’ll arm you with strategies – different management and diagnostic tools – to mitigate these challenges. 

November 2, 2020

Hoof Health Management: A Key Component of Animal Well-being

Dairy hoof health consultant, instructor and hoof trimmer, Karl Burgi travels the world working with dairy producers and hoof care providers to develop treatment and lameness prevention strategies, but this is your opportunity to capture this knowledge virtually! Karl will help you gain a better understanding of claw horn and infectious lesions, their origins and prevention techniques. You’ll also leave this session with a hoof lesion-orientated action plan for  managing hoof health as well as information on a team approach to achieving top results with a “No Lameness Tolerance Policy.”

November 9, 2020

Taking the Headache out of Raising Calves Effectively

Dr. Mike Nagorske, Director of Veterinary Technical Services & Research at SCCL, is passionate about utilizing evidence-based solutions to solve calf health and nutrition issues. In this session, he’ll help you get the most out of your colostrum protocol whether using on-farm maternal colostrum or a colostrum replacer. With calf scours being a major issue leading to further respiratory issues, he’ll cover new techniques to significantly decrease both scours and respiratory morbidity to take the headache out of rearing calves effectively. Lastly, he’ll put things into perspective, sharing how technology can now more accurately assess colostral immunity to determine not only 30-day health risks, but also lifelong productivity.

November 16, 2020

Building a Bold Leadership Persona

What does it take to be a bold leader? Have the required skills and talents changed over time? Are leaders born with that special something or can it be developed? In this high energy session, Laura Daniels – a farmer, dairy consultant and agriculture advocate – will answer these questions with research and real-life examples. Learn how various bold leaders found their conviction, surrounded themselves with great people, and identified their core values. Discover the ups and down that will help you believe you can be a great leader too. 

November 23, 2020

Genetic Gain is Your Future Economic Gain

Join GENEX’s own Dr. Kim Egan, who works daily with progressive USA producers, as she talks about making genetic advancement in your herd. She will help you better understand trait impacts on a whole herd level and how genetics can help address your concerns regarding feed efficiency, methane production, animal welfare and more. Plus, she’ll share insight into programs that help identify your herd’s genetic strengths and opportunities. You’ll leave this session understanding how strategic breeding and index selection impact your herd and knowing how to assess logistical options for herd genetic improvement.