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Education & Support

GENEX is dedicated to helping you succeed and, since we know knowledge and training are instrumental to your dairy’s success, we offer several training and education options.

Whether you are looking for more information on genetics or your herd inseminator needs follow-up reproductive training, we have solutions for you!

Browse the educational opportunities listed below.

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A.I. AccuCheckSM Program

Continual learning and evaluation is necessary to ensure ongoing breeding program success, and that’s why GENEX developed the A.I. AccuCheckSM program. In this program, experienced GENEX professionals work with herd inseminators supplementing inadequate or outdated heat detection and A.I. training, providing tips and recommendations, and sharing new ideas and research. The end goal is a more educated and more successful herd inseminator.

More specifically, the training specialist visits the herd inseminator on a regular basis to observe and evaluate everything A.I. including equipment handling, heat detection, semen handling, A.I. technique, cleanliness, record-keeping and cattle handling. Then the training specialist provides customized recommendations for improvement through hands-on instruction as well as routine follow-up for continued personal development. It’s about identifying areas of opportunity, incorporating research-based proven techniques and applauding breeders for what they do correctly.

To learn more about having a breeding program evaluation conducted on your dairy, contact your local GENEX representative or email The A.I. AccuCheckSM program may not be available in all locations.

If you’re seeking new ways to learn, visit This progressive dairy knowledge hub delivers training opportunities for you and your staff. Courses range from Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology to Newborn Calves and Colostrum and from Mastering Management with Tom Fuhrmann to Basic and Intermediate DairyComp. The courses are available in multiple languages, and prices vary by course.

The site can be used for customized training for your farm as well. You can load your dairy’s protocols and gain access to a catalog of dairy and safety training. This shows employees the value you place on training and lets everyone learn on their own schedule. Plus, it’s trackable so you can hold each person accountable their progress. For further information, email


For nearly 25 years you routinely received the GENEX Dairy Horizons magazine in your mailbox. It’s been a valuable source of cooperative membership news, sire information and herd management strategies. Today, GENEX provides that same valuable information in a digital format. Click here to read the latest issue of Horizons.

GENEX Academy

To increase your knowledge, take part in an intensive five-day workshop at GENEX headquarters in Shawano, Wisconsin. Learn from industry experts and visit farms to see the fundamentals you learned put to practice. Participation is limited, meaning you receive personalized instruction and interaction opportunities.

GENEX Academy is your chance to learn more about: reproduction management, genetics, nutrition, transition cow management, facility design, hoof care, DiSC® personality profiles and leadership & team management.

Learn more about GENEX Academy and how to enroll.

GENEX Journal

Keep up to date on all things genetic, reproduction and cooperative-related by visiting the GENEX Journal! It’s a great source of information and another way your co-op helps you never stop learning.

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