There’s More to it Than Picking a Straw of Beef Semen

To be an integral part of the beef supply chain, you must SHIFT your thinking to maximize your return. You must create value – prioritize planning, calf health and end-product performance – and establish relationships with the right buyers. That’s what the GENEX SHIFT program can do for you.

SHIFT Your Thinking and Maximize Your Return

The SHIFT program includes four easy steps to help you produce in-demand, high value beef x dairy calves while connecting you with buyers who realize their value.

1. Strategic Breeding

By utilizing our strategic breeding tools – the Calf Math and Sort-Gate programs – you can identify herd goals and determine the number of replacement females needed, select appropriate semen product lines and maximize profitability on all calves. 

Angus bull

2. The Right Genetics

Put your genetic focus on creating the optimal terminal cross. The GENEX Beef procurement team specifically selects beef genetics that complement dairy maternal lines. Their priorities when selecting SHIFT genetics include:

  • Calving ease
  • Growth (Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight)
  • Balance of optimal growth and frame size
  • Carcass performance

“GENEX SHIFT genetics will maximize carcass merit, which means improving the ribeye size and shape with adequate marbling and, ultimately, creating carcass performance on the rail.”

- Brad Johnson, GENEX Director of Beef Genetics

3. Healthy & Identified Calves

Our robust herd care products and recommended newborn and weaned calf protocols will get your calves off to the right start. Plus, documentation of these protocols and practices will increase your calves’ value in the eyes of buyers.

  • Provide quality colostrum to cover the calf's energy and immunity needs.
  • Promote optimal gut health, improve nutrient absorption and inhibit disease-causing bacteria by giving RumiLife® Pop™ DFM.
  • Help maintain their energy during transit with Push™ calf nutritional paste.
  • Ensure proper identification and tracking with SHIFT ear tags.
black cattle at feedbunk

4. Buyer Connections

GENEX has established relationships with buyers across the USA who value feeders that perform from the start and who prefer SHIFT genetics. Through the GENEX SHIFT program, we can facilitate connecting you with these potential buyers!

For more information on the SHIFT program, contact your GENEX representative or email [email protected].

“By utilizing the GENEX SHIFT program, you can be even more efficient at maximizing resources and managing herd size while also supporting a premium product within the beef supply chain.”

- Cody Sankey, GENEX Associate Vice President, Beef Genetics