Teat Sealant

Give her an extra shield of protection during the dry period.

Keeping your cows’ udders safe during the dry period is of the utmost importance to maintain a healthy cow.

The streak canal is the mammary system’s primary line of defense, yet studies show 24% of cows do not form a keratin plug after six weeks of dry period, which is crucial to block new bacterial infections that cause mastitis. When UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant is administered, it settles in the lower portion of the streak canal, forming a physical barrier that mimics the cow’s own natural keratin plug.

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Proven concept, improved delivery!

This sterile, antibiotic-free, off-white smooth paste contains minimal amount of air in the tube, a partial insertion tip and a syringe that’s easy to push, making it the perfect solution to help protect your cows’ udders.


The partial insertion tip allows for consistent application and less error of placing the tip too far inside the teat.

Contains 4g of intramammary infusion composed of 65% bismuth subnitrate in a mineral oil base.

Minimal amount of air helps prevent air bubbles when administered, forming a solid plug seal in the streak canal.

Shipped directly from the manufacturing plant located in the USA. No backorders or wait times!