Core Values Award Recipients Named

core values award winners

Each year, GENEX employees are encouraged to nominate their peers for our Core Values Awards. The goal is to celebrate exceptional employees who encompass our core values of innovation, integrity, leadership, quality and stewardship.

This year’s winners are (pictured from left to right) Jeff Gundrum, Gale Blum, Colleen Weishoff, Kris Vomastic and Mike Fehlhaber. Read on to discover how each of these individuals embody our core values, day in and day out.

Jeff Gundrum, Director of Safety and Risk Control, has shaped the safety culture at GENEX. He has made safety in the workplace a mindful priority. Since Jeff has been with the cooperative, company severity and workers’ compensation claims have been drastically reduced. This is impressive since many of our employees work with unpredictable large animals and in farm construction (Farm Systems). His dedication to safety education and training is exceptional, and he has a candid way of influencing employees to understand why safety is not only important to GENEX but to them personally. Jeff takes pride in knowing our GENEX employees are able to go home to their families safely every day.

Gale Blum, Benefits Director, dedicates insurmountable time and energy to employees, focusing on providing the highest quality Human Resources  services possible. She approaches her job with positivity, a tireless work ethic and can-do attitude. She understands helping employees select benefits to meet their family needs is important and has an impact on their livelihood. She also takes great pride in work accuracy and quality, from meeting government reporting regulations to providing timely benefit information to employees. Furthermore, Gale seeks out opportunities to be involved in company projects and is often assigned a leadership role. Gale is a graduate of the Shawano County Leadership program and is active in the community.

Colleen Weishoff, Payroll Director, is the quiet engine behind the payroll department. Through her leadership, the department ensures our employees are paid accurately and on time, which is appreciated by the co-op and employees alike! Colleen demonstrates an exceptional understanding of state, county and local tax laws, which is important when GENEX employees reside in 32 different states! For over 20 years, Colleen has been a part of the cooperative and involved in many changes. Through it all, she has taken pride knowing employees are paid correctly, and her devotion to GENEX and the quality of work she provides is a true embodiment of what the Core Values Award represents.

Kris Vomastic, Credit & Collection Analyst, has an indisputable dedication to the cooperative, our employees and our members. Her work ethic, integrity and quality of work has helped advance her into the role she holds today. From starting her career taking service calls to becoming the credit manager to her current position, Kris has shown the motivation and drive it takes to be a successful leader. She works tirelessly with field staff and members to resolve accounts receivable and credit issues. She is truly concerned about our employees’ and members’ well-being while also understanding the cooperative must get paid to remain profitable and successful.

Mike Fehlhaber, Director of Talent Management, brings creativity and leadership to GENEX in terms of recruitment and employee development. From Generation Z to Baby Boomers, Mike has found creative ways to attract and recruit new candidates and is able to create enthusiasm in those individuals he helps hire. His goal is to recruit staff who fit the GENEX culture and have the aptitude and desire to grow and succeed. One of Mike’s greatest achievements has been to organize the company’s employee development program, REACH, which has helped identify and develop leaders within the cooperative.

These winners are truly deserving of the GENEX Core Value Awards, and their dedication to the cooperative does not go unnoticed. Congratulations, and thank you!

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