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After getting the all-clear from GENEX headquarters to travel again, Cody Sankey, AVP Beef Programs, and Brad Johnson, Director of Beef Genetics, were elated to take their first trip to Montana and the Dakotas to see GENEX bulls and progeny. Read on to see what caught their eye. 


Our first stop was at Lindskov-Theil Ranch (LT) in Isabel, South Dakota, where 1AN01480 CONVERSE was out breeding heifers. Not only did he look outstanding, but his first calf crop had a striking look combined with great body depth and thickness. The future is bright for this bull!

Progeny by 1AN01425 RAINMAKER 4404 were also on pasture, a bull LT has used three years in a row. We saw beautiful bred heifers along with striking young calves. More RAINMAKER 4404 calves will be born at LT next year!


1AN01403 HOMEGROWN has returned home to Ellingson Angus  in St. Anthony, North Dakota, to cover cows. The bull looked awesome! His first daughters are now in production and doing a tremendous job. Their udders look great, and the females have the added fleshing ability to survive any environment. In addition, HOMEGROWN’s sons continue to be standouts at the side of cows. 

We also had the opportunity to see some of the first daughters of GENEX sire 1AN01430 ROUGHRIDER in production. They are deep-bodied, thick-made females that have the right amount of milk flow. The udders are just the way you like to see them on young two-year-old females! His sons are easy to pick out in the pasture! They are massive, powerful young herd bulls in the making. If you like stout cattle then add ROUGHRIDER to your list of must-use bulls.


One of the most exciting young GENEX prospects, 1AN01467 CHECKMATE, was on display and out covering heifers at Schaff Angus Valley, also in St. Anthony, North Dakota. SAV has great plans for this bull with his phenomenal design and balance, combined with added depth and power. The first calf calf crop will catch your eye and have the performance you expect from an SAV sire.  

We also saw 1AN01440 QUARTERBACK, a high-octane growth sire, on display. If you want to add pounds to any calf crop, he will do it. 

1AN01408 ABUNDANCE was also out covering cows. He is a real powerhouse that adds muscle, body and bone to his calves.


Our next stop was in Billings, Montana, to visit our bulls in stud. Production Site Manager Jacob Holloway and his crew had the bulls looking great and producing at high levels. GENEX sales leaders 1AN01348 JUSTIFIED, RAINMAKER 4404 and 1AN01389 ASHLAND all reside in Billings and are tremendous bulls. These three bulls lead the industry for combining mating flexibility, powerful genetic value and uncompromised phenotypic design. This tremendous trio enjoyed the Sunday morning sunshine while lounging in their runs, chewing their cud and savoring a day off. A sight to behold!

The next generation of GENEX Angus sires looks bright as well. 1AN01522 STANDOUT, 1AN01531 ENDGAME, 1AN01538 ICONIC, 1AN01546 GUSTO, 1AN01564 GRAND PLAN and 1AN01565 KILROY are an impressive cross section of the 2020 acquisitions. In addition, young sires 1SM00183 GENESIS and 1AR00978 NEW DECADE have the potential to add to the already dominating GENEX Simmental and Red Angus lineups.


On our way back home we stopped at Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch in Sidney, Montana, to see a wide range of outstanding progeny from 1AN01348 JUSTIFIED. The JUSTIFIED daughters in production are as advertised with beautiful udders and impeccable feet. They are pretty-fronted, feminine-made females that look like they will last a long time in production. The bull calves were easy to find in the pasture. They were deep, stout, square made bulls that have performance. The heifer calves look like younger version of the sisters in production. It is clear JUSTIFIED will leave his mark on the breed with the daughters he leaves behind.


Our final stop was at Baumgarten Cattle Company in Belfield, North Dakota, to see 1HH00114 ADVANCE 8014 in action. He looked amazing while out breeding heifers. They had him turned out with a large group, and after one calf crop they feel safe calling him a heifer bull. His first calf crop is fancy. They have the eye-catching look with added substance and muscle. ADVANCE 8014 has a bright future in the GENEX lineup moving forward.

We are proud and excited about the bull power GENEX has to offer today and into the future with the young sires entering the lineup Visit the GENEX Beef Facebook page to see some of the outstanding bull videos that were captured during our journey.

GENEX is your source for bulls that combine cow sense & science. To add any of these sires to your breeding program, contact your GENEX representative or check out the GENEX Beef App!

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