Sire Fertility


Consistently Create Pregnancies

Our exclusive bull fertility ranking system enables you to compare each bull’s conception ability and choose bulls that will consistently create pregnancies in your herd. PregCheck™ fertility rankings debuted in December 2014, as the first of their kind in the industry.

How PregCheck™ rankings work

PregCheck™ fertility rankings measure an individual sire’s frozen semen conception rate, and are are based on farm breeding and pregnancy data. The rankings use 100 as a base with every one point change equivalent to a 1% difference in conception rate.


For example, Bull A has a 104 PregCheck™ with 93% reliability and Bull B has a 99 PregCheck™ with 75% reliability. At 93% reliable, Bull A can be used with confidence. He is expected to perform 4% above the average conception rate of his contemporaries and 5% higher than Bull B.

For Bull B, at 75% reliability there is some uncertainty in his fertility ranking and over time additional breeding data will provide a more reliable evaluation. At this point, however, Bull B is trending below the average of his contemporaries with his 99 PregCheck™ ranking.

How PregCheck™ rankings help you

  • Make more informed sire selection decisions
  • Achieve higher conception rates
  • Gain additional profits from A.I. calves

While all GENEX sires are procured with member profitability in mind, PregCheck™ fertility rankings offer you another sire selection option to help improve your bottom line.

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