American Angus Association Adds New EPDs and Updates Economic Assumptions

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On Friday, May 29, the American Association officially released the new PAP EPD and Combined Value Index, as well as updated the economic assumptions that drive the Association’s $Value Indexes.

Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) EPD

The PAP EPD has existed as a research EPD from the association for the past 16 months. PAP scores are used as an indicator of susceptibility to high altitude disease, commonly experienced at elevations of 5,500 feet or greater. According to the American Angus Association, “Selection for this trait aims to improve the genetic potential for a sire’s progeny to have lower PAP scores and identify animals with a smaller risk of contracting high altitude disease. The PAP EPD is a tool to increase the environmental adaptability of cattle living at altitude.”

Combined Value Index ($C)

$C has been available to breeders on their own animals since June 2019, but is now officially available from the Association. $C, is an index expressed in dollars per head, which includes all traits that make up both Maternal Weaned Calf Value ($M) and Beef Value ($B). The assumption for this index is that commercial producers will replace 20% of their breeding females per year with replacement heifers retained within their own herd. The remaining cull heifer and steer progeny are then assumed to be sent to the feedlot where the producers retain ownership of those cattle and sell them on a quality-based carcass merit grid.

Economic Assumption Update

In addition to the two newly released EPDs, the Association also updated the costs and revenue prices which drive the $Values. The annual update is assembled using data provided by CattleFax and are based on the average of the previous 7 years of data.

Click here to read the entire press release from the American Angus Association that outlines all of the changes in more detail.

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