A Diverse Jersey & Mixed Breed Lineup

Jersey Highlights
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With the April 2020 sire summary, GENEX adds 13 Jersey or Mixed Breed sires, complementing an impressive lineup. Featuring all-round profitability with outstanding ICC$™, elite yield, impressive health traits and standout fertility, GENEX is home to sires fit for any operation.

Learn About Proof Changes!

The April proofs includes many changes, including a genetic base change and updated JPI™ and JUI™ formulas. Before proceeding, learn more about these changes.

3 Ways to View the Lineup

With the health and safety of all in mind, GENEX dairy proofs have gone digital, meaning you will not receive a printed Jersey catalog. You can access updated dairy proofs on the GENEX website and GENEX Dairy Bull Search app. Catalogs and investment guides are available to download from www.genex.coop/proofs.

1JE07049 FULLER {5} debuts at the top of the GENEX lineup with a big +618 ICC$™ and +531 Cheese Merit (CM$). This ZINC {5} son transmits a balanced genetic profile with +80 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP), +0.9 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and a +139 JPI™.

1JE07048 WOJ {4}, another new active ZINC {5} son at +614 ICC$™, stands at +87 CFP and carries impressive component percentages (+0.14% Fat and +0.08% Protein). He is +0.6 DPR and +527 CM$. WOJ {4} is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.

1JE07112 REAL COST {4} is an ACHIEVER {3} son at +573 ICC$™ and +437 CM$. With an impressive +1.8 DPR, he will add both daughter fertility and longevity to any herd while being A2A2.

1JE07030 PRIX {4} earns his spot in the lineup, as a leader for JUI™ +23.2. He is +554 ICC$™ and slots in at +502 CM$. He is also A2A2 while improving component percentages.


1JE07010 SHOWTIME, a previously activated Genomic Giant, joins the active list now at +507 ICC$™. He is +443 CM$ with over +1100 pounds of Milk while also delivering positive components. This Viceroy son is A2A2 as well.

1JE07017 ALERT {4} earned a +515 ICC$™. He has a positive DPR while also sporting a +4.7 for Productive Life (PL). Use this A2A2 sire to improve udders at +12.6 JUI™.

Mixed Breed Standouts

GENEX adds more Mixed Breed sires for those of you seeking the best of both breeds – high component yield and feed efficiency, yet more milk.

1XD07097 GOONEY-UR makes his debut at +602 ICC$™. This CESPEDES son leads the GENEX Mixed Breed lineup. He offers +109 CFP with over +1500 pounds of Milk while also being positive DPR and A2A2. GOONEY-UR is 44 BBR.


1XD07097 LUMOS-UR is another CESPEDES son and also slots in at +602 ICC$™. He is +1683 Milk, +1.7 DPR and A2A2. LUMOS-UR is 45 BBR.

At +1887 Milk, 1XD07098 EXPECTO-UR will add exceptional yield. He is +85 CFP and is an A2A2 ACHIEVER son. With a +1.8 DPR, he will also improve daughter fertility and is +528 ICC$™.

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